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Sleep Guaranteed? What's the secret?

We believe that we have the best organic bedding products on the market. Tens of thousands of customers in Scandinavia already enjoy our handmade kapok duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. Now it's Switzerland's turn!

Try us out for 30 nights, if your sleep quality hasn't improved you can just return your purchase. It's as easy as that.

Hypoallergenic, Vegan & naturally heat regulating!

The Kapok Dream Duvet

One duvet for all seasons - kapok's natural ability to ventilate and insulate keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


Kapok Mattress Pads

Our mattress pads provide the easiest and most affordable way to dramatically improve your sleep quality. On top of that they also protect and extend the life of your mattress. AND you will benefit from all of kapok's 100% organic and natural advantages. A win-win-win as we like to call it!


Kapok Pillows

Our organic and firm kapok pillows are designed to give your head and neck the best possible support. And you know what, our pillows come with a secret trick to maximize your sleep...!


Baby & Junior Products

Everything our little adventurers need when they set out to discover the world!

We all know that a good day starts with a good night. So just imagine having an entire lifetime of good nights ahead of you.


What is Kapok?

I'm a big fan, the duvet keeps me warm (but not sweaty!) and the pillow gives me just the right amount of support. I adjusted it slightly, the zipper makes it very easy.

Julian, Küssnacht

I'm incredibly impressed how well the mattress pads and pillows work. My daughter sleeps through the night!

Linda, Zürich

Great product and fast delivery.

Carolina, Luzern

I love that you can use the duvets during both summer and winter. It's fantastic!



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✓ Kapok is naturally heat regulating and breathable. It insulates when you need warmth and keeps you cool during warmer nights.

✓ Kapok is 100% vegan and allergy friendly!

✓ Kapok fibers are resistant to moisture and water and creates a natural barrier against dust mites.

✓ Kapok fibers are naturally renewable and harvested from the kapok tree's seed pods.

✓ No trees, ducks or geese are hurt in this process and it requires no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.