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Filling: 100% Natural Kapok Fibers (vegan)
Shell: 100% Organic cotton
Sizes: 40x60, 50x70, 65x65, 65x100cm

- Kapok fibers consist of 80% air which ventilates during warm nights and keeps you warm during cooler temperatures.

- Easily adjustable for optimal sleep comfort and support. Just add or remove the kapok fiber filling via the zipper.

- Great for people with allergies, kapok act as a natural barrier against dust mites.

- We use no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in our production.

- Planet friendly and naturally renewable. No trees, ducks or geese are harmed when we harvest kapok seed pods.

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Are you unfamiliar with Kapok? Just scroll down to see our "What is Kapok?"-video.

What makes Natural Sleep so special?

Risk Free Sleep Guarantee

Try our pillow for 30 days. If it doesn't make you sleep better, just send it back and we'll give you your money back!

Allergy Friendly

Kapok fibers are all natural and allergy friendly. No pesticides or chemicals are used to produce our pillows.

All Vegan

Our pillows are 100% vegan and naturally sustainable.

Free Shipping

On orders >100CHF.