Kapok Junior Pillow 40x45cm

SFr. 58.00

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Filling: 100% Natural Kapok Fibers (vegan)
Shell: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

The original Kapok Junior Pillow. Not only is it a product of highest quality and extremely soft to the touch, but we also set out to solve an old problem that many of us have experienced when shopping for a new pillow.

We are all different. Some of us are just better designed for a hard pillow. Or a soft one. And how about a high soft pillow or those of us that enjoy almost no pillow at all? Well the solution is simple. A zipper.

Our Kapok Pillows come well filled with kapok fibers. As our children grow, so should their pillows. The zipper on the side allows you to adjust the amount of kapok fibers so you are in full control.

The kapok filling consists of 80% air, which has a both isolating and ventilating effect and if you have a tendency to sweat or freeze during night you will experience a dramatic improvement in sleep quality with our Kapok pillow.

And of course, our kapok pillows naturally inherit kapok's 100% organic super powers:

- Hypoallergenic.
- Dust mites are unable to grow and survive in kapok fibers.
- Keeps you cool during warm nights and provides warmth during cooler temperatures. 
- Water & Moisture resistant.
- Planet friendly; naturally renewable, no trees, ducks or geese are harmed when you harvest kapok seed pods.
- Free of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

And you know what? Caring for your Nsleep product is very easy - please see our care and wash instructions page.