About Us

Who are we?

Nsleep Switzerland is based in Meggen, in the heart of beautiful Central Switzerland. We are a small dedicated team that will go to any lengths to ensure that you get what you need to improve the remaining 30% of your life. We can't make you exercise or eat more vegetables, but we CAN make you sleep better!

This is Ole, the Swiss/Danish owner of Nsleep Switzerland. When he isn’t overseeing relationships with retailers and partners he usually works on our expansion plans or his golf swing.

Favorite Nsleep product: The Kapok Mattress Pad


This is Mattias, in charge of online marketing and logistics. On weekends you can often find him out in the wild with a camera the size of a medium sized picnic basket hanging around his neck.

Favorite Nsleep product: The Kapok Pillow

This is Carolina, who is running all things customer service. Outside of work Carolina enjoys exploring the nearby mountains and helping her family run Luzern’s best Portuguese restaurant.

Favorite Nsleep product: The Kapok Summer Duvet

Between us we speak at least 8 languages, so don’t hesitate to contact us (welcome@nsleep.ch) in non English/German! 😊