About Nsleep

Nsleep is a family-owned business and was the first on the Danish market to produce, develop and design products for the sleeping environment with kapok, the unique natural fiber. Our most important task is to create a healthy, natural and allergy-free sleeping environment for you and your family.

Coffee in bed

Light streams into the bedroom on a slow Sunday morning. You take the coffee into bed and enjoy the silence surrounded by the softest duvets and pillows after a well-deserved night's sleep. The relaxed feeling you get after a good night's sleep is exactly what we strive to create. The most important thing for us at Nsleep is that you and your family get the best possible sleep with an emphasis on both health and improved quality of life.

That is why we at Nsleep develop, design and produce our own products, all of which are based on the very special properties of kapok. At Nsleep you can get kapok duvets, pillows, mattresses and much more that help create the best environment for your night's sleep. You can read much more about kapok's unique properties here.

The natural and healthy sleeping environment

The name Nsleep stands for Natural Sleep, as we have thought the natural into all of our products. The 'Natural' is your guarantee for organic, sustainable and allergy-friendly products that you can safely tug yourself and your children in. At Nsleep, we specifically focus on products for children and babies, in addition to our products for adults. You therefore get an optimized quality of life for the whole family through natural selection.

Although our products are made in our own sewing room in Vietnam, we are rooted in Skagen, which can be seen in the design, which is based on the natural, minimalist and Nordic. Our design is kept in simple colors with a focus on the quality of the products and your health.

We want to create positive societal changes

We all know the effect a good night's sleep has on our energy and well-being.

A good night's sleep means a better version of yourself. Therefore, we only make products that we believe do something good for the quality of sleep, so that our users have the best prerequisites to be the best version of themselves and thereby create positive changes in society.

- Carl Simon, Co-founder Nsleep.

The first to bring kapok into Danish bedrooms

Many years ago we brought kapok to Denmark from Thailand, and today kapok is found in a sea of ​​products for the bedroom and many other places because of its very special properties. We are a little proud that several Danish companies have followed our good idea and have similar products with kapok on the market.

That is why we are also extra happy that you choose Nsleep as a supplier for your sleeping environment. After 20 years of experience in developing and producing products with kapok, we can guarantee you the best quality in the choice of raw materials. Our employees know our standard and take pride in being able to deliver products of incredibly high quality that create better sleep and quality of life for both children and adults.

A journey from Thailand to Vietnam and Skagen

Nsleep's story starts in Thailand in 2001, when the idea behind Nsleep, Ole Jensen, visited the country and discovered that the mattresses on the beach were incredibly comfortable to sit on. He quickly learned that the mattresses were filled with the natural fiber kapok. He thought that the special properties of the kapok should be exploited even more. That is why he sewed, developed and designed cushions and pillows with kapok filling for outdoor furniture.

We are sure that you will greatly enjoy our products and kapok's magical properties. We dare to guarantee a dreamy good night's sleep for both young and old.

Sleep well!