As we keep growing we are looking to partner up with organizations in Switzerland that promote a healthy lifestyle and a smaller environmental footprint.

Our goal is to become the leading brand in organic and natural bedding products. That means two things:

  1. Animals do not belong in our products.
  2. Sustainable & naturally renewable production; free from herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.

Please note that we are not picking a beef(!) with anyone. We are just convinced that you can get a really good night's sleep without stuffing your pillows and duvets with pieces of animals. And that there is absolutely zero reason to use fossil-based products (polyesters, foam etc.) or traditional non-bio cotton in your bedroom.

But as kapok production is a naturally slow process and the kapok trees can live for 60-70 years, we are also realistic that we are not the singular solution and that there are many other good alternatives out there, so we encourage everyone to do your homework!


Coming back to the topic of partnerships, we are proud to announce our first partnership in Switzerland. It is none other than Swissveg - Switzerland’s oldest independent vegetarian association promoting animal and environmental health. On you’ll find everything from plant-based recipes and restaurants to events and information about animal well being. Become a member and enjoy various discounts all over Switzerland, including when you shop with Nsleep Switzerland! 

Are you interested in a partnership with us?

Awesome - send us an email and tell us more: