Kapok Baby Stroller & Mattress Topper

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For many of our customers our wonderful Kapok Mattress Topper was their introduction to the world of kapok and Nsleep. For a very good reason. 

Our Baby Stroller & Mattress Topper can dramatically enhance the comfort of any baby mattress or stroller. The topper provides a layer of 100% organic kapok cushioning and support for your little one and it also acts as a protective layer for your mattress. 

We use Kapok fibers as fillers in our mattress toppers. Kapok is hypoallergenic and naturally repels dust mites, which is a big relief to many, but perhaps the biggest advantage of our mattress topper is its ability to provide warmth during cooler nights and a ventilating effect during warmer temperatures. Kapok fibers are naturally moisture-resistant and consists of 80% air, which gives it its thermal insulation and ventilating super powers. This is especially relevant for our little ones since they tend to be more prone to both sweating and freezing at night.

And you know what? Caring for your Nsleep product is very easy - please see our care and wash instructions page.